CSC’s new network structure

By April 2017, CSC and our members will together have achieved a strong evidence-based UN General Comment on Children in Street Situations. This global platform will be a powerful new tool used by our members to conduct more effective local and international advocacy, campaigning, fundraising and research and to hold duty bearers to account in fulfilling the rights of young people who rely on the streets for their survival and/or development.

In order for the General Comment to have the maximum impact on the lives of street-connected children worldwide, the street child sector needs a bigger, stronger network. We need to reach more frontline organisations to share the General Comment and provide guidance on how to use it, and we need to consolidate the influence of sector leaders to change the narrative for street-connected children.

To achieve this, CSC is implementing a new network structure from January 2017. CSC now offers three types of membership:

  • lead membership for organisations who want to play an active role in shaping CSC and the sector as a whole
  • associate membership for organisations who want to access CSC’s resources and networking opportunities at a low cost
  • affiliate membership for networks working in the street child, child rights or other affiliated sector who wish to connect with CSC and maximise cross-sector learning

If you are an existing member, we will be in contact shortly to discuss your membership options.

If you have a question about our new network structure and membership types, please email