CSC Fundraising Event & Speech by Pamella Bisson

Our honorary president, Max Mongia, kindly organised a golf fundraising tournament. We are grateful to those who took part in the day, raising £5370 to help our work.

Pamella, our Ambassador and former street child in Brazil spoke at the event. She is currently managing a sports TV distribution company and is involved in several projects consulting as a TV production manager for independent companies.

We have included Pamella’s moving speech for you to read below.


A state of mind I find difficult to accept because when I’m comfortable I don’t change ….we don’t grow.

My journey began on the swirly streets of Rio de Janiero.

Sunshine, samba and football …for most.

But for me, it was a concrete jungle of survival.

My mother had me out of wedlock, young and poor, and with little education. My mother became the master of survival. We begged for food, we stole for food, we were street warriors.

I remember my time on the streets like it was yesterday. I’ve not allowed it to consume my reality or shape my future, but I’ve used my learnt resilience during this time to propel myself forward in the supposedly normal world.

I have a roof, love and support. To this day when I go home and fire up the cooker I take a moment and say, thank you. When I take the eggs out of the fridge or spread the peanut butter on my bread, I am grateful. I used to eat out of bins.

I’m an ambassador for the Consortium for Street Children because I want to be part of the solution and that’s why we are gathered here today.

Let me take you on a small journey, join me on the streets when I was six-years-old and walking for miles bare footed on hot, concrete ground. My scrawny knees dripping in blood, my curly hair in a tangled heap. Clutching firmly to my mothers hand, I remember looking up and saying everything’s going to be alright.

I made it …we made it.

But my heart still bleeds for those on the streets struggling to survive.

Are you comfortable?

Lobsters literally burst out of their skin before they can grow.

Sharks must keep moving or they drown.

Oysters make pearls so they can relive the pain of sand that enters their shells.

Are you comfortable right now?”

– Pamella Bisson August 2017

Pamella will be speaking at the launch of the UN General Comment on the Rights of Children in Street Situations held on 28th September 2017. You will be able to follow the event on our Facebook page from 1.15pm GMT+1.