Amos Trust

Amos Trust Amos Trust is a small, creative human rights organisation working in Palestine/Israel, South Africa, Nicaragua, India, Burundi and Tanzania. They not only respond to people’s immediate needs but also address the root causes behind these by tackling injustice and transforming unjust structures. As they do this, they promote peace, non-violence and reconciliation and ensure that they safeguard the needs of tomorrow, today.

The Trust believes that local grass-roots projects and the communities they work with, are the real experts and key agents of change. Their role is to learn from them, be their advocates and respond to the creativity and perseverance they see in them.

By working together with their partners and supporters, they are constantly finding innovative ways to raise awareness of issues of injustice, to highglight partners’ stories, develop campaigns, provide resources, lobby for change, fundraise and continuously build solidarity and lasting friendships.

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