Deaf Kidz International

DeafKidz International (DKI) works to respond to the needs of Deaf, hard of hearing, deafened and DeafBlind (D/deaf) children and young people (CYP) in low resource health and complex humanitarian settings.  The organisation was founded in 2013 by D/deaf professionals who were horrified at the sexual abuse of D/deaf CYP in Uganda and at the inability of the global health / NGO community to mitigate matters through a complete lack of understanding as to the communication, linguistic and cultural needs of D/deaf CYP.

All DKI activities are delivered through one, or a combination of, its four themes of Rights, Wellbeing, Livelihoods and Access to Appropriate Technology. DKI engages with governments, NGOs, communities and local groups , through bespoke and programmatic interventions, to ensure this hard to reach constituency is able to live safely and without fear in the communication mode of choice. Namely; sign language, sign supported spoken language, community ethnic sign, aural method and Deaf Blind manual.

Today, DKI works in Zimbabwe, Jamaica, Occupied Palestinian Territories, South Africa, Iraq & Pakistan. In addition, it works as expert advisers to the World Health Organisation’s Ear & Hearing Care programme, the UN International Telecommunication’s Union Child Online Protection initiative and the Start Network’s Age and Disability Capacity Building Programme.