Gurises Unidos

Founded in 1989, Gurises Unidos is a Uruguayan civil society organization working for the rights of children and adolescents at national and international level. Gurises Unidos’ work includes providing care for children, and advocacy for the rights of children, adolescents, their families and communities in the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Gurises Unidos started as a project that provided care for children and adolescents living on the streets. At present, the organization continues to work on that topic, though projects that focus on children living on the streets, who are extremely vulnerable to violations of their rights.

Gurises Unidos’ work also focuses on: eliminating child labour, access to formal education, access to youth employment, advocacy for the rights of children and adolescents, participation of children and adolescents, gender equal sexual education, preventing commercial sexual exploitation of children, eliminating child abuse, digital citizenship and access to new technology.