LittleBigHelp works to create better opportunities for vulnerable children and women in West Bengal, India. The organisation works to secure their basic human rights such as education, protection, basic health care and nutrition each and every day.

Mission: We change your little help into a big help for people in need.

Vision: We cannot help everybody but we can help some. And we do it!

LittleBigHelp was established as an NGO in Denmark in 2010 by Founder, Lisbeth Johansen who gave up her career as International Sales Director to pursue her dream of creating an NGO in India.


LittleBigHelp runs a Pre and Primary School in Shalimar Slum community where 135 children on a daily basis receive education, learn about their basic rights and enjoy a hot meal for lunch.

The 24/7 Open Shelter near Howrah Railway Station is for 25 boys who are living on the street and on the platforms of the station. LittleBigHelp offers them protection, education, food, medical care and a place to simply just be a child.

Boys’ Home is for 45 street connected boys, who can start a new life away from the street with care, love, nutrition and education.

Girls’ Home is for 25 street connected girls and other vulnerable girls, who can start a new life in a safe environment. It is especially important to offer help to girls in India, as they are extra vulnerable to child marriage, trafficking, rape and abuse.

Adult Learning Centre is a project aiming at empowering women in the local community by giving them basic education and vocational training.

LittleBigHelp supports the Centre for Special Education in Bankura – a school for 119 children with special needs. The Centre also provides a home for 15 children and offers vocational training and life skills education.

Also located in Bankura is Learning Centre for Tribal Children. The Centre provides English and computer training for youth living in underprivileged tribal villages. At the Centre, Beautician Training is also offered to young women giving them the opportunity to earn an income.


LittleBigHelp is currently working independently in India as LittleBigHelp India Trust as well as in collaboration with a local NGO.

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