Safe Child Africa


Safe Child Africa (formerly Stepping Stones Nigeria) is a UK-based charity that exists so all children in Africa can live happy and safe lives and grow up without fear of violence, abuse or neglect.

We focus on two key, related priorities: Supporting Children in Crisis and Preventing/Reducing the Abuse of Children‘s Rights. We do this through working with effective local organisations to provide direct support to children who have suffered violence, abuse and neglect and, in particular, those who have been accused of witchcraft. Second, we work with local communities to raise awareness of children’s rights, encourage positive behaviour change and reduce abuse. Finally, we engage with local and national Government to promote children’s rights, where appropriate to challenge their practices and priorities, and to hold them to account.

Our Work With Street Children

Safe Child Africa works with local partners to provide mentoring, residential care and outreach support services to street children. Our partners also support street children to access education and vocational training, and, where possible, help them to reunite with their families. Our projects collect data on street children and we conduct advocacy activities at the local, national and international levels to help raise awareness about the rights abuses experienced by street children and to effect positive policy change regarding street children.


Basic Rights Counsel Initiative
Bebor International Model School
Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development
Society for Youth Development and Rescue Initiative
Stepping Stones Model School



Supporting local organisations who work with street children