Safe Child Thailand

What We Do

We stand between children and hunger, poverty, ill-health and death. Without you, the children we help would be destitute, and hungry. You give them a fair chance, a childhood, a start in life.

Safe Child Thailand – Protecting, nurturing and educating

For many children in Thailand the charitable projects that we help to support represent more than just a safe bed for the night or a single decent meal.

Safe Child Thailand offers a home, a family, a place to belong; a means to escape a life lived in fear or hunger.  We provide the one thing no child should be denied: A childhood.

Helping the vulnerable and those at risk 

In large parts of Thailand poverty and severe deprivation are rife meaning that life at the bottom of the social ladder can be very hard. For those children who have been left orphaned, abandoned by their parents or who have fled their homes to escape physical or sexual abuse, it is far more brutal.

Being at the centre of South East Asia also means that Thailand is often a destination for economic migrants and refugees fleeing conflicts or brutal regimes. All too often children from these groups find themselves living in desperate poverty and in need of help.

The projects supported by Safe Child Thailand offer these children safety, encouragement, education and hope.

For over 30 years SCT has been constantly working toward making things better – especially for children with disabilities and serious conditions, such as HIV or AIDS.  Today we help to sustain a range of projects which not only provide specialist help but actively campaign at a state and national level for greater governmental support.

In addition to our work directly with abandoned or orphaned children Safe Child Thailand also helps a number of vulnerable women and mothers – many of whom have arrived in Thailand as unwilling victims of people trafficking and the sex trade. By providing these women with a safe refuge, a chance at education and a sense of empowerment we are enabling them to lift themselves, and their children, out of poverty.