CSC Publications

The Consortium for Street Children (CSC) aims to leverage collective international experience, improving understanding on the issues faced by street children.

Some key CSC’s publications can be read and downloaded by clicking on the links below:

CFSC_Map 2016_FINAL (Low-res)_v2Street Children Global Picture (Infographic)





Street Connected Children Myth Busters




CSC_Easy_GuideEasy Guide to the UN  General Comment on children in street situations




CSC_EU_ConsultationEurope Children Consultation Report (For UN General Comment) (French version available here)




africa_consultationsAfrica Children  Consultation Report (For UN General Comment)




consultations_brazil_CSCBrazil Children Consultation Report (For UN General Comment)



central_america_consultations_cscCentral America Children Consultation Report (For UN General Comment) (Spanish version available here)




south_asia_consultations_cscSouth Asia Children Consultation Report (For UN General Comment)




CSC_Briefing_Paper_2015Do I Count if you Count me? CSC’s Briefing Paper 2015





CSC_Briefing_Report_2016I Move, Therefore I Am Not – CSC’s Briefing Paper 2016




CSC_2015_Annual_ReviewCSC’s 2015 Annual Report





CSC’s 2015 Annual Accounts




For more publications from CSC, member organisations, researchers, or to publish your own please visit the Global Resource Library.