Red Nose Day Fund USA

CSC is partnering with the Red Nose Day Fund to keep, street-connected children safe. The Red Nose Day Fund is an initiative of Comic Relief Inc., an American not-for-profit organisation which raises funds to end childhood poverty both in the United States and internationally.

“Our sister organization in the UK has supported small, innovative programs throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America for decades and has seen the fruits of this on the ground. We are very pleased to be able to expand support for this kind of impactful work that will put the General Comment’s recommendations into practice.”

Funds raised through Red Nose Day in the U.S. support programs that ensure children living in poverty are safe, healthy and educated. We are proud of our new partnership with Consortium for Street Children. The programs have the capacity to truly transform lives, ultimately making an impact across all of our focus areas.

Rick Scott, Vice President, Grants and Philanthropy for Comic Relief Inc.

CSC is partnering with organisations in Latin America, South Asia, South East Asia or North Africa in order to strengthen existing innovative, front-line services to street-connected children.

CSC’s partnership with Red Nose Day is building commitment to the first international legal instrument specifically designed to address the rights of all street children, with the announcement by the Government of Uruguay that it will be the first country to pioneer early implementation of the forthcoming United Nations General Comment on Children in Street Situations.

This partnership will make street children visible to the wider global public and better equip frontline workers and organisations to help street-connected children.