Read Building with Bamboo’s first learning update!

We are delighted to announce the publication of Building with Bamboo’s first learning update!

Building with Bamboo is an international learning project exploring resilience-based approaches to working with street-connected children who are exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

This is the first of three updates in which we share the emerging learning from Building with Bamboo’s first learning and innovation cycle (January – March 2017).

In this update, we present key insights which have been emerging through our work developing and trialing resilience-based approaches in Ecuador, Uganda and Nepal. We also outline the innovations which our Resilience Champions have developed in response to the emerging learning and which they will be piloting in the next cycle.

This learning update is intended for researchers and practitioners who are interested in learning more about how resilience-based approaches might be used in working with street-connected children.

The full learning update can be viewed here.

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