Rights of Children in Street Situations

Find out all about the UN side event in Geneva to celebrate the launch of General Comment No 21 of the Committee of the Rights of the Child.

Children who depend on the streets for their survival often lack full access to their rights as outlined by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In June 2017, the Committee on the Rights of the Children adopted General Comment No 21 on Children in Street Situations. This provides States with authoritative legal guidance to ensure street-connected children can enjoy their rights under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

This is something our Network has worked towards for years. To celebrate the launch of the General Comment, the UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner is holding a side event in Geneva, organised with Consortium for Street Children. The event is being sponsored by the Uruguay and EU missions to the UN in Geneva and is supported by Aviva and Baker McKenzie.

This side event, taking place on Thursday 28 September 2017, will raise awareness of the General Comment and of its potential to transform the lives of street-connected children.

We will be streaming the event on Facebook Live, which will take place from 13:15 – 14:45 GMT+1 – tune into our Facebook page to see what’s happening.

You can also see live updates on the day using the hashtag #StreetChildRights on Twitter.

Digital copies of the General Comment glossy document and child-friendly guides will be made available during the launch event.


The agenda is packed with dialogue from experts recalling the creation of the General Comment, and explaining the importance of involving the voices of street-connected children in decisions that involve them.

13:15 – 13:25   Welcome remarks by Renate Winter, CRC Chairperson

13:25 – 13:35   Remarks by Ambassador Peter Sørensen, Head of EU Delegation to the UN in Geneva

13:35 – 13:45   Remarks by Fernando Rodriguez Herrera, Vice President of Instituto del Niño y el Adolescente (INAU) (Government of Uruguay representative)

13:45 – 13:55   Dialogue between former street-connected child and participant of consultations for GC 21, Dedho Luamba, and Caroline Ford, CEO of Consortium for Street Children

13:55 – 14:10   Presentation of General Comment No 21 by Bernard Gastaud, CRC Member and Coordinator Working Group for drafting GC 21

14:10 – 14:40   Panel discussion and Q&A featuring:

  • Pamella Bisson, Ambassador for Consortium for Street Children
  • Bernard Gastaud, CRC Member
  • Gonzalo Salles, Gurises Unidos
  • Mirela Shuteriqi, UNICEF
  • Angela Vigil, Baker McKenzie

14:40 14:45   Closing remarks by Renate Winter, CRC Chairperson