Student donates 3000 Swiss Francs to CSC

We’d like to give a gigantic thank you to Minami, a student in Switzerland, for donating 3000 Swiss Francs to us.

Minami sold her beautiful handmade postcards at only CHF 1.50 each. Here’s a photo of her selling her postcards:

carbon bike frame


We asked Minami why she chose to donate to CSC, Here’s what she said,

“These are the reasons why I decided to start this project and to donate profit to Consortium for Street Children.

“When I was 10 years old, I watched a documentary about street children and saw their cruel situation. It was a huge shock for me because I could not believe that children the same age as me had to live day to day on the street. However, I didn’t have an opportunity to do anything for them. Now, years later, [I had an] opportunity to undertake a large-scale project to help street children.

“Consortium for Street Children is working for street children internationally. As I am studying in an international school, I became much more aware of the sense of world citizen…I put a strong emphasis on education, because education gives you flexibility in your life…Consortium for Street Children puts a lot of effort in publicity about the current situation of street children. As well as the direct support to street children, it is also important to make people aware of the real situation.”