UN General Comment No 21 on Children in Street Situations

Our biggest success so far been to achieve official UN recognition that street-connected  children have the same human rights as all other children, and deserve special protection from Governments around the world.  This achievement is known as UN General Comment No 21 on Children in Street Situations. This is a directive that articulates for governments the steps they need to take with immediate effect in order to comply with their obligations under the Children Rights Convention.

After 7 years of advocacy efforts, CSC worked with over 100 organizations and over 1,000 street connected children to speak directly the UN Child Rights Committee to explain how the Convention on the Rights of the Child applied to them – and what needed to change to make it a reality.

UN General Comment 21 is a formal, high level, official acknowledgement from the world’s highest body and their member states that street-connected children need special attention from governments to ensure they are able to access their rights. This is the first time in UN history where UN officials met formally with street-connected children around the world to discuss their issues, and acted on what they had to say. The results are contained on the General Comment 21 and provide a powerful tool for Governments looking for guidance on how to protect their rights, and meet the needs of street-connected children.