The Hope Foundation

What is HOPE?

The Hope Foundation (HOPE) is a registered charity working with street and slum children in Kolkata, India. HOPE was set up in 1999 in Ireland, to help restore basic human rights to the street children in Kolkata. Today, HOPE is one of the largest and most recognized NGOs in Kolkata. Since 2007, HOPE has a branch charity in the UK. Our focus in the UK is on raising awareness and raising funds for the projects in Kolkata.

Living on the streets, children are exposed to physical and sexual abuse. Those who survive are often left to fend for themselves, with no promise of a safe future. They are often forced to work from as young as five years of age to earn money for food and so cannot go to school. HOPE’s goal is to protect these children from abuse and to give them a chance of a better life, by providing access to education, medical services and protection homes where necessary. Your donations go directly to projects working with these children and their families. Today HOPE funds and operates over 60 projects. Find out more here