An opportunity to make street-connected children heard

We are working with Child Rights Connect to prepare for the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child’s 2018 Day of General Discussion (DGD). The topic will be “Protecting and Empowering Children Human Rights Defenders”.

We are calling out to members to help us achieve the first two tasks:

1) Help to establish a Children’s Advisory Team!

A Children’s Advisory Team will be established to empower children to take part in the preparations, implementation and follow-up to the 2018 DGD. It will ensure that children’s views are central to the decisions being taken by Child Rights Connect and its membership on all aspects of the DGD. The Children’s Advisory Team will be composed of approximately 12 children, or Child Advisors, in total, within which there will be 3 sub-groups based on language: English, French and Spanish. Read more about what it means for a child to be part of this team in the Call for Applications and the Terms of Reference.

We are keen on ensuring inclusion of street-connected children in this Children’s Advisory Team. Child Rights Connect has already received lots of interest across Latin America and Europe for Child Advisor applications, and are therefore in particular looking for applications from Africa, Asia and MENA. If you work in this region with street-connected children who may be interested to be part of this Children’s Advisory Team, please contact or fill in the application form for children and the application form for supporting organisations. The deadline for submissions for children and supporting organisations is 19th January 2018.

2) To collect children’s views to inform the DGD Concept Note

We are drafting a concept note for the DGD which will be adopted by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child during its 77th session in January-February 2018. To inform the concept note and make sure street-connected children’s voices are included, we are calling on you to help us gather children’s views on what it is like to stand up for their rights. If you work with street-connected children who are human rights defenders and you want their views included in the concept note to be adopted by the Committee, please contact before 20th December 2017 and have a look at the child-friendly DGD proposal and guiding questions, which will guide the inclusion of children’s views.