Speakers at UN side event to launch General Comment No21 L-R: Fernando Rodriguez Herrera, Bernard Gastaud, Renate Winter, Dedho Luamba, Caroline Ford

We put street-connected children on global, regional and national policy agendas, and work to make sure they stay on those agendas until each street-connected child is safe and has equal access to their rights.

Consortium for Street Children unites NGOs, practitioners and experts to make street-connected children’s voices heard and push for their needs and experiences to be acted on by governments, businesses and organizations that work with them.

We work for change at the following levels:

  •         Global and regional – we work with our Network to get street-connected children on the agenda of UN and regional human rights bodies and mechanisms.
  •         National – we work with members of our Network to support national-level initiatives for implementation of the General Comment No. 21 on Children in Street Situations through our 4 Steps to Equality campaign. Currently we are working with members in Latin America, Africa and Asia to protect street children’s rights and dignity.
  •        UK –  We convene UK Parliamentarians to ensure street-connected children are on the UK Governments’ international agenda through the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Street Children.

We have an Advocacy Forum consisting of advocacy expertise from within our Network as well as external experts that provide critical analysis and support to ensure our success.

Network Development


Children take part in a workshop in Delhi as part of a joint conference by Chetna, Childhope and CSC

CSC brings organisations together so that they can collaboratively identify and meet the needs of street connected children. We consult with our network and harness their expertise via:

Through sharing knowledge and experiences our aim is that we help our network to build their organisational and programme capacity.


State of the World's Street Children

‘State of the World’s Street Children: Research’, written by Dr. Sarah Thomas de Benitez

Research about street-connected children has, historically, been fragmented, hard to access and underused in the development of policies and programmes.

CSC works to address this by acting as a catalyst  for researchers, policy makers and grass-roots practitioners to connect with each other. We do this via our:

We aim to be recognised as the go-to place for street children research.