Building with Bamboo

We are extremely pleased to be working in partnership with the Oak Foundation on an exciting new learning project, Building with Bamboo.


Children supported by JUCONI take part in a comedy sketch at the Building with Bamboo launch event in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

What is it?

Building with Bamboo is an international learning project exploring resilience-based approaches to working with street-connected children that are exposed to sexual abuse and exploitation. The project aims to use findings from Oak Foundation’s Bamboo research initiative to find out how we can develop approaches and interventions that support children to cope in the face of adversity, in particular when exposed to sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.

We are working with three local partner organisations from the CSC network in Ecuador, Uganda and Nepal to find out how we can build a resilience-based approach to practice. To do this, a Resilience Champion within each organisation is leading an innovative learning pilot and will be sharing their findings through a new Community of Practice and Learning, taking part in shared learning activities locally, digitally and internationally.

Our Learning Partners


Juconi Ecuador, and Resilience Champion Martha Espinoza, third from right

Juconi Ecuador supports street-connected child workers, and those at risk of becoming child workers, in Guayaquil. Their Resilience Champion is Martha Espinoza.




Alfred Ochaya_Building_with_Bamboo

Alfred Ochaya, Resilience Champion for SALVE in Jinja, Uganda

SALVE International works with street-connected children in Jinja, Uganda. Their Resilience Champion is Alfred Ochaya.





Krishna Subedi, Resilience Champion

CWISH works to protect the human rights of children and youth, particularly girls and women, in Nepal. They work with street-connected child domestic workers. Their Resilience Champion is Krishna Subedi.